Blue Wing Olive

1005 : Blue Wing Olive
Hook Size : 12 - 20
Minimum : 5 dozen
Price USD : $7.50 per dozen

Popular trout fly imitates the baetis mayflies. Many species are olive colored. Hatches throughout most the year so is a must have for trout anglers.

The "Blue Wing Olive" fly is a staple in the arsenal of fly fishers, particularly favored during the hatch of the Baetis mayflies, which it expertly imitates. This pattern features a olive-colored body and light blue-gray wings, designed to mimic the natural appearance and behavior of the olive-colored Baetis nymphs as they emerge and become adults. The fly is most effective during the cooler parts of the day when these mayflies typically hatch, such as late morning and early evening. Anglers deploy the Blue Wing Olive in a variety of water types but find it especially successful in slower-moving streams and rivers where the hatching insects are a significant part of the trout's diet. Its realistic representation makes it an essential fly for match-the-hatch scenarios, offering a high chance of success with selective trout.